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“What you give in charities, comes back to you multiplied many times over”


We organize multifarious educational training and job creation and skill development programmers like: Spoken English Classes, Computer Training programs, Tailoring courses, and primary schools for orphans, disabled and poor kids, Child awareness programmers, health awareness training and camps, educational awareness
camps, blood donation camps, women and child development programmes, religious and moral teaching classes, etc.

Supply of Tailoring Machines, Computers, etc:

We supply note books, text books, dictionaries, year book/encyclopedias, computers, tailoring machines without discrimination of caste, gender, religion, race, class and languages.

Supply of drinking water, nutritious foods, medicines:

We are making efforts to supply of safe drinking water, nutritious foods and medical facilities including supply of medicines in time to the poor living in backward areas.

Free of Cost Activities:

We are the only one of its kind to do humanitarian services totally Free of Cost in every field of our area of operations and activities without any discrimination whatsoever. We also take efforts to supply computers, tailoring machines, utensils, farming tools, medicines, etc free of cost subject to availability of funds from time to time.

We take special care for orphans, destitute, deaf, blind, disabled discriminated and old but poor men / sick widows with children:

All our endeavors will be successful if the destitute, disabled and poor kids and youth can establish themselves as a true human being who can contribute in nation building work and become a true citizen of this developing country. This organization is marching ahead to accomplish this noble mission. We Endeavour to undertake number of projects in the interest of the downtrodden and weaker sections of the society who will have to stand in their own legs.

Infrastructure development activities in rural area:

Steps are to be taken to minimize adverse impacts of earthquakes, cyclones, heat waves, droughts, floods, famine, deadly diseases like AIDS / HIV, Cancer, Tuberculosis, Malaria, Jaundice and other curable and -non-curable diseases, and other natural calamities, manmade or otherwise, and to show positive impact in which we operate.
Activities are to be undertaken for improvement in rural and tribal areas and also slum areas in cities for backward, underprivileged, weaker sections including SC/ST/OBC population as well. These are with the sole intention of nation building and make everyone to be responsible citizens in a developing country. In certain rural interior parts every drop of drinking water is precious. People will realize the value of safe drinking water when wells run dry and there is no alternate supply of water is there. It can be safely told that if there is a magic on this planet it is contained in supply of safe drinking water. Men or animals cannot survive without water.